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Posts written by Elias Faingersh


Aksenov Fest Kazan Russia august 2017

IMG_4117 IMG_4119 IMG_4122 IMG_4142

Hong Kong SliderAsia august 2017

IMG_4029 IMG_4039 IMG_4082 IMG_4088



June 11th: Solo concert at the Metronom Club (Copenhagen)

BIBA Brass Festival Karlskrona Sweden

20170627-IMG_417611 20170627-IMG_418022 20170627-IMG_42231616

May 29th: playing “Solo from the Orchestra Pit” in Petah-Tikva, Israel.

(Photo by Felix Geller)


March 24th: Performing at the Vadim Repin’s Trans Siberian Festival of Arts in Novosibirsk.  Sharing the stage with my longtime friend and amazing musician Arkady Shilkloper.


March 30th, 2017: “Solo from the Pit” at the International Theater Festival in Hannover, Germany.


November 17th and 18th:  ”Solo from the Orchestra Pit” – is on tour in Moscow on the stage of the Ermitage Theater.



September 27th: Playing “Grandfather” (in collaboration with Teater InSite) on the stage of the Vladimir “Golden Gate” Festival.

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September 25th: playing “Hamlet: Drama for Trombone and Orchestra” at the amazing Gogol Fest in Kiev!!!

Hamlet Poster

“Solo From the Orchestra Pit” tours Ukraine: June 17th and 18th – Khmelnitsky, June 20th – Chenihiv


June 2nd: “Solo From the Orchestra Pit” is on tour in St. Petersburg at The Black River Theater (Teatr Za Chiornoi Rechkoi).

IMG_3471 Solo

MAY 18th, 2016

The premiere of our newest show: “Solo From the Orchestra Pit” in Ashdod, Israel.

Solo from the Pit

Coming up next: my new solo show (Teater KEF Production) – “A Solo from the Pit”: The Second Trombone’s Voice – premieres in Israel on May 18th, then tours Ukraine and St. Petersburg (Russia) in June.


Glad to be an endorsement artist of the “Remic Microphones”.

In the past 20 years I’ve been working exclusively with trombone and live electronics, playing my solo performances all around the world. And I must say that in what I do, a good microphone is absolutely essential. The “Remic Microphone” for brass (REMIC W3000) is definitely the best one I’ve had so far and I must say that the REMIC Team has done a brilliant job.

I warmly recommend it! - Elias Faingersh - Trombone Magic.

April 16th, 2016: playing at the 60th anniversary of a dear friend, amazing tuba player and artist Arkady Kirichenko:

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April 3rd, 2016: playing at the Berlin Philharmonic with Aidar Gainullin, Borislav Strulev, Arkady Shilkloper and many other outstanding soloists.

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March 22, 2016: “My Shakespeare” – an evening of musical storytelling at the Khan Theater in Jerusalem, Israel.

Talking about my own Shakespeare Projects (“Hamlet: Drama for the Trombone and Orchestra” and “Romeo Dreaming”) and about playing the Fool in two different productions of King Lear (the BFT production (London) and the production of the Ermitage Theater (Moscow).


January 20th, 2016: playing with my good friends and fantastic virtuoso brass musicians Arkady Shilkloper and Arkady Kirichenko at the legendary club “Dom” in Moscow.

12705412_803652416413220_8074811906565521492_n 12729154_10204893817819388_884741983634324596_n

12794384_10204893816659359_291156102908830845_n 12802932_10204893817699385_3427777400133962196_n


A significant event in my life happened in November, 2015: I have joined the amazingly talented Belarus Free Theater Company (family!) to play the part of the fool in Vladimir Scherban’s “King Lear”. On November 11 and 12 we’ve played at Young Vic in London (as part of the BFT “Staging a Revolution” Festival, and in the first decade of February we have played 10 shows at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.  

12705459_10154448421222565_1139170930864183290_n 12249857_971371862927880_3906485299197633718_n 12191896_10154254968082565_5095612492761507308_n

5 Stars at the Chicago Tribune


October 19th, 2015: The Soundtrack of my Life” at the Camerata Festival in Chelyabinsk was a great success! Besides the very enthusiastic response of the audience, the festival’s jury awarded the show with a special prize for the “synthesis of arts”!

0053 0064 0100 bild 1-13



“The Soundtrack of my Life” in Ulan-Bator, Mongolia on October 4th.

“The Soundtrack of My Life” St. Petersburg, the Baltic Festival

October 9.

“The Soundtrack of My Life” in Chelyabinsk on October 19th.


September 12, 2015:  ”The Soundtrack of My Life” in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


August 30 and 31: two more performances of “King Lear” in the Ermitage theater in Moscow. Photos by Leonid Selemenev.


Next show is Oct. 14th at the Fomenko Theater.

August, 2015:

Elias Faingersh rehearses the role of the fool in the “King Lear” Production of the Belarus Free Theater (director: Vladimir Scherban). The rehearsals take place in Falmouth, England. The performances are scheduled on November 11-12 in London, England.


This is already a second “King Lear” performance, where Faingersh plays the part of the fool. Despite the difference of interpretation, looks like the part grew on him!

Elias Faingersh performs his solo show “Trombone Magic” and conducts a workshop at the international trombone festival “Slider Asia” in Hong Kong.


July, 2015:


VII-2015-3 VII-2015-5

The “Frolicsome Fellows” – 3 outstanding solo musicians – Elias Faingersh, Aidar Gainullin and Anton Dressler perform at Malmo Live in Malmo, Sweded, the hometown of Elias Faingersh.


June, 2015:

Kosovo Mono Akt grand prix diploma kosovo

Teater KEF brings “The Soundtrack of My Life” to the Mono Akt Festival in Kosovo! …aaaaand the “Grand Prix” prize at the Kosovo Mono Akt Festival goes to… Teater KEF for “The Soundtrack of My Life”!!

April, 2015:

morfar audience award

A very pleasant surprise at the closing ceremony of “Meetings in Russia” (Baltic House) Festival in St. Petersburg: our show “Morfar” (Grandfather) (in collaboration with InSite) received the “audience choice” diploma at the closing ceremony. This is not a a competition kind of a festival, it has no jury, so that’s even more significant to be distinguished and honored in such a way. The director of the festival said that so many people, moved and overwhelmed with emotion, had approached him to talk about the show, that there was really no question about that choice.


“The Grandfather” with “Insite” and Theater “KEF” (Malmö Sweden):

Opens October 5 and runs throughout October and November ( Sweden)

“King Lear” with “Ermitage” (Moscow, Russia):

Elias Faingersh plays the FOOL! Yes! :) August 23,24 and 27 at the “Fomenko” Theater (Moscow, Russia)

September 30 and November 10 at the “TUZ” (Youth Theater), December 22 at the “Fomenko” Theater (Moscow, Russia)


…and the Grand Prix  goes to……: “The Soundtrack of My Life”  !!!

The Grand Prix for the best show at the international theater festival “Behind the Black River”




Opera Palladiu Affish




“The Soundtrack of My Life”  won “For Best Performance” price at Bitola Monodrama festival!

We are very happy for that!